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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 12, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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the morning. and alisyn camerota. >> gretchen: she would know something about a vice presidential debate. >> brian: the only other person to debate joe biden over the last five years. >> steve: we continue the conversation on twitter. >> gretchen: have a great weekend. >> steve: see you monday. good morning, everybody. welcome to friday because the vp nominees went to a to toe for 90 minutes man did they come ready to rumble. vice president joe biden looking to reverse his campaign's downward slide. republican nominee paul ryan trying to build on team romney's momentum. that is how it started last night. this morning we end. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to friday edition of "america's newsroom." martha is out. >> i'm jamie colby out for martha
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they provided points and issues on zingers and economy and debate decorum. >> mr. vice president, i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground but i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> with regard to social security, we will not, we will not privatize it. if we listened to governor romney and congressman during the bush years, man where all those seniors would be now if there money had been in the market. their ideas are old and their ideas are bad and they eliminate the guaranty of medicare. >> here he is the problem. they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare into a piggybank for obamacare. >> usually when there is a crisis we pull together. we pull together as a nation. as i said, even before we knew what happened to the ambassador the governor was holding a press conference, was holding a press conference. that is not presidential leadership. >> this is becoming more troubling by the day.
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they first blamed a youtube video. now trying to blame the rome rom ticket for making this an issue. with you should note impose devastating defense cuts, when we equivocate on our values and show weakness, when we look weak our adversaries are more willing to test us and our allies are. >> with all due respect that is bunch of malarkey. >> why is that so. >> not a single thing he said is accurate. >> vice president knows sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. [laughter] >> i always say what i mean. bill: that just now a sample of what you're going to get for the next two hours here. so much of the focus today though is about what joe biden was doing, when he was not talking. his body language, the arguably the most argued about item from last night's debate. that is where he start. steve hayes, senior writer "weekly standard.".
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fox news contributor. good morning there in danville, kentucky. >> good morning, bill. bill: start with the incumbent. how did joe biden do. >> the fact that so many people talking about demeanor, but the fact that he continually interrupted paul ryan but many times martha radditz, correcting her own. suggest that is not a clean win to say the least for joe biden. if he came here to excite and generate enthusiasm among democrats and the liberal base he probably did that he was effective. he took shots at paul ryan. he was, i think borderline disrespectful in several cases but i don't think that will trouble his base. bill: i was following your reaction last night in realtime on twitter. what did you think of paul ryan's first time on the big stage? >> i thought he did very well. he, this was paul ryan being paul ryan. he is solid, respectful.
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he answered questions in the time allotted. he gave detail where he could give detail. he explained things i thought in a compelling way and that he had several good lines that didn't seem like prepackaged, preplanned lines. and i think the thing i found most interesting as someone who covered him over the course of much of his career how fluent he was on foreign policy in particular. i know when he was first asked to submit vetting materials to the romney campaign he began at that time, before he was picked an intensive study of foreign policy and national security issues to make sure he would be prepared for that haven'ty if he were picked to participate in a debate. felt like that to me. bill: that was back in june and july. there were headlines made in this debate. it was just not the reaction of nonverbal. on topics like lick i can't here is what joe biden explained at the top of this interview last night the debate.
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>> intelligence community told us that. as they learned more facts about what happened they changed their assessment. there is also a investigation headed by tom pickering a leading diplomat from the reagan years who is doing investigation whether or not there were any lapses, what the lapses were so they would never happen again. >> they wanted more security. >> we weren't told they wanted mo are security. we did not know they wanted more security. bill: two things on that. we did not know they wanted more security and they changed their assessment, suggesting cia or perhaps state department or both. what do you think that does to the story of libya now? >> well, this i think is likely to be most important takeaway from the entire debate. there were charges, counter charges, a lot of things flying back and forth on a number of different subjects. this is a story unfolding now. what we've had for the administration better part of the month is a series of assessments or a series of storylines that have not turned out to be true. and i think what joe biden did last night with thoseances
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add to the confusion if you want to be generous of inact raysy of the administration storylines because. a, it was very clear, that the administration was asked and asked repeatedly to provide additional security in benghazi. bill: we'll tack that onto the timeline on our reporting this time forward. we'll see how the house committee deals with that next time around. steve, thank you. terrific work in danville. >> thank you, bill. bill: here is jamie with more. jamie: much of the post-debate reaction is specifically joe biden's performance. many are criticizing the vice president for the smirks, laughs, even finger waving during the discussion. analysts, political analysts brit hume says the vp's behavior was simply disrespectful. >> what you saw while paul ryan was talking as others pointed out was smirking, laughing, smiling, mugging, by the vice president. and my sense about it was,
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that it was so compelling that people probably couldn't take their eyes off of it, so it will come down whether people thought that was attractive or not. myself, i didn't. i thought it was unattractive. i thought it was rude and i have a feeling will come across to awful lot of people as rude. it looked like a cranky old man to some extent debating a polite young man. bill: 27 years age difference. people pointed out the constant interruptions when rye can was speakings. karl rove suggested that vice-president was not taking this seriously. >> amazing how often he was interrupting and laughing and smiling and grimacing and grinning. almost like they put joker juice in the water that he had there on the stage. bill: mark that down, joker juice. we'll talk about that with karl rove later today. we'll have more of the vice president's behavior and whether or not it was fitting of someone who holds that office. jamie: governor romney
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calling his running mate to congratulate him on a job well don. here is where he was watching debate from his hotel room in north carolina where he was campaigning. with pizza on the table. governor told ryan's family that he should be proud of his debate performance. bill: he was back on board on air force one flew back from a campaign event from a fund raiser in miami. president talking off the plane with reporters giving the vp thumbs up. >> i thought joe biden was terrific tonight. i couldn't be more prouder of him. i thought he made a very strong case. and i really think that his passion for making sure that the economy grows, for the middle class, came through. so i'm really proud of him. bill: that from last night. now tuesday night, obama, the president, and romney, the governor, go back at it in round two. that will be must-see tv then. jamie: well the vice-presidential candidates are hitting each other very
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hard on taxes. vice president biden claiming the republicans are insisting on new tax cuts for the wealthy. congressman ryan responding with a warning for the middle class. >> if you taxed every person and successful small business making over $200,000 over 100% it would only run the government for 98 days. if everybody who paid income taxes last year including successful small businesses doubled their income taxes last year we would still have a $300 billion deficit. you see there aren't enough rich people and small businesses to tax to pay for all their spending. and so the next time you hear them say, don't worry about it, we'll get a few wealthy people to pay their fair share, watch out middle class, the tax bill is coming to you. jamie: stuart varney, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network here to tell us what he thinks about that. hi, stu, good morning. >> well look, the central quote on the economic side of the debate which policy
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will grow the economy and cut the deficit. paul ryan was very clear. you cut tax rates, that gives you growth. listen to this exchange. >> cut tax rates by 20% and still preserve these important preferences for middle class taxpayers. >> not mattally possible. >> it is mathematically possible. it has been done before. >> it has never been done before. >> it has been done couple times actually. lower tax rates increase growth. lower tax rates. >> now you're jack kennedy. >> well that was interruption. that was also a put-down and vice president biden woos factually wrong. jfk, ronald reagan, george w. bush, all of them tax rates, and the end result was a an increase in money flowing to the treasury. revenues went up when tax rates went down. joe biden was wrong. jamie: stu varney doing fact check for us this morning. bill: last night the twitter verse was going nuts. the thing was going to
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explode if it went more. that line was the most tweeted comment last night. one minute after the line about jack kennedy, 58,000 tweets. that is what was going on out there. jamie: it is a talker. bill: we're just getting started. some on the right feeling vice president biden interrupted congressman ryan too much. we'll can the romney team this morning about all the morning after. jamie: sarah palin knows exactly what it is like to debate joe biden. ahead we'll get her reaction. bill: vice president's biden and laffer and facial expresses getting a lot of headlines. did ha help or hurt his campaign. mike huckabee here to weigh in on that. >> this is a bunch of stuff. jamie: what does that mean, a bunch of stuff? >> means simply inaccurate. >> it is irish. >> exactly
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jamie: welcome back, everybody. paul ryan's family cheering him on from their hometown of janesville, wisconsin. his brother, tobin, going on the record with greta van susteren right after the debate. he shared some family pride over the congressman's performance. >> i was really proud of paul continuing to behave the way frankly we were raised and being respectful and trying to create a nice, civil conversation so that, so that the public can truly hear each other's perspectives and so i was proud that paul didn't sort of fall prey to the sort of tactics of constant interruption. jamie: tobin ryan and his family watched the debate at a massive viewing party they had in hometown janesville. bill: ryan's brother not the only one criticizing joe biden for his animated facial expressions. several times he laughed out loud as the congressman was talking, talking about iran.
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watch here. >> two occasions we advocated for constituents applying for grants. that's what we do. we do that for all con sit wants. >> i love that. i love that. this is such a bad program and writes me a letter, writes a letter saying the reason we need stimulus it will create growth and jobs. his words. bill: that was a moment regarding stimulus money going back to wisconsin. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is with me. now host of you huckabee, saturday night prime time. how are you doing, governor. >> great, bill. bill: i saw a comment allow to you say it. what do you think last night? >> i thought joe biden came across at a guy you meet at a cocktail party for political event obnoxious drunk and loud and boisterous and interrupts every conversation. he is kind of guy want to get away from as quickly as you can and find someone else to talk to. it was boarish behavior during the first half. somewhere during the debate
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he took ritalin and started calming down by the end. not kind of thing that is very helpful to joe biden and his image with voters in the heartland of america who are taught to be polite. he just wasn't. bill: that's interesting. you're trying to reach people in the middle. >> yeah. bill: we really don't know how they reacted to this. there is not much of a survey to tell us that but what you're suggesting is that this turned people off? >> maybe if you're in the culture of new york where everybody is in a hurry and fast and don't have time to be all that polite even though let me say new yorkers are very polite when you ask them for something. they really are, but the perception is is everyone will be brusque. but in the midwest and in the south, people expect you to wait your turn to say, oh, you go ahead. they expect you to say please, thank you, you're welcome. yes, ma'am, no, ma'am, please sir, no, ma'am. what you saw last night is the kind of a behavior a real turnoff to people who grew up being told that manners is as important as
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anything that you say or do. bill: maybe this is what happens when you're in the senate for 40 years? maybe this is what happens when you walk into any room in washington, d.c. and the waters part for you. you get used to that treatment, don't you? >> you do. i think joe biden was coached. he was coached to try to come across he was the statesman, he was the elder and paul ryan was not ready for prime time and i think he overplayed it. if he had done a little bit of that he could have carried that off if he couple times sort of smiled dismissively. he went, way, way over the edge with it. i do believe it was plan and contrived. i didn't talk to anyone who coached him but it was so over the top it was as if he was programmed no matter what paul ryan said he was to snicker at him, make it look like the answers were small and unimportant. and yet when it came across particularly when he was laughing about the iranian situation, i was thinking there's not one family in israel putting their kids in bed who are laughing about
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the idea of being vaporized about an iranian nuclear device. bill: on that topic, jeff greenfield of pbs, biden always had a smile real at times is really, really inappropriate. roger ebert, movie critic, joe, stop smiling and laughing. i think a lot of people focus on the nonverbal as you know, governor. you're a master communicator yourself. you think about this. you had two prime time national debates. what was the talk last week? the talk was that the president was looking down the entire time on a split screen. now the talk today is the fact that the vice president's behavior was inappropriate. >> with a good debate, it wouldn't be about, you know, how many times did paul ryan drink water, how many times did joe biden laugh or make some snide remark or look away. it would have been about the substantive issues. and there were some very substantive issues should have been talked about. joe biden flat-out misrepresented obamacare on the catholic church issue
6:20 am
for example. bill: don't mean to cut you off. another point. why do you think so much interruption was allowed. martha raddatz has tremendous career behind her and ahead of her. very credible in many ways but how do you think she did in controlling that environment last night? >> i think it is one thing, i thought jim lehrer letting candidates be candidates and gave them preeminence. martha's problem was not that she let them to interrupt each other. it was paul ryan's job pushed back. during moments of laughter, silence in the middle of sentence, when everything got quiet, joe, is there something the rest of us are missing because i'm not sure i get the joke here about nuclear iran. so help me understand what's funny? i think that would have been a great way to come back. i do think, martha, however interrupted paul ryan more than biden and pressed him for details and specifics
6:21 am
and was holding him accountable to a level i did not see her hold biden to. that was only criticism i have of martha raddatz. bill: look forward to your show saturday night. you have newt gingrich on. that will be interesting to watch. thank you, governor. >> thank you, bill. bill: mike huck buy on the fox news channel, saturday and sunday night 8:00 eastern time. jamie: as much as they may be different congressman ryan pointing out similarities between himself and joe biden but at same time asking him a very pointed question. >> joe and i are from similar towns. he is from scranton, pennsylvania. i'm janesville, wisconsin. do you know what the unemployment rate is in scranton today? jamie: how did the vice president respond? we'll have that for you coming up. bill: serious questions about the obama administration policies in the middle east and especially the relationship now which have with our most important ally in that region. we're live in jerusalem for reaction on that. >> they see president obama in new york city the same day bebe netanyahu is,
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bill: might recall you heard this last night. the sputtering economy, one focus of last night's debate with congressman ryan and vice president joe biden. congressman ryan taking this shot at joe biden's hometown in pennsylvania. >> joe and i are from similar towns. he's from scranton, pennsylvania. i'm from janesville, wisconsin. you know what the unemployment rate is in scranton today. >> i sure do. >> 10%. >> yeah. >> you know what it was day you guys came in? 8.5%. that is how it is going around america. >> you doesn't read the
6:26 am
statistics. that is not how it is going. it he is going down. bill: ryan responding that the economy is barely limping along in the country and growing only at 1.3% gdp. jamie. jamie: they talked a lot about that. congressman ryan taking on the obama administration's foreign policy. he criticized white house and how it is handling iran's nuclear program and america's relationship with israel. >> let's look at it from the view of the ayatollahs. what do they see? they see this administration trying to water down sanctions in congress for over two years. they're moving faster toward a nuclear weapon. they're spinning centrifuges faster. they see us saying when we come into the administration, when they're sworn in, we need more space for their ally israel. they zoo president obama in new york city, the same day bebe netanyahu is instead of meeting with him, goes on a daily talk show. jamie: leland vittert live in jerusalem. we're so curious, leland, good morning to hear
6:27 am
reaction there to israelis to the debate and election overall. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. this is really the first time in recent history that the united states support of israel has become an issue in the u.s. presidential election. the prime minister's office this morning flatly refused to comment on or off the record specifically about the debate but last month they made no qualms about their annoyance with the president of the united states for denying that meeting request with the prime minister of israel at the united nations. and during the debate, vice president biden had to spend a lot of time defending the administration's record with israel. >> they're bebe has been my friend for 39 years. the president met with bebe a dozen times. he spoken to bebe net yaw hue has much as he spleen to anybody. >> the prime minister has made no public stance who he would prefer to see as president but privately made it very clear that he would view a president romney as a much better friend to israel
6:28 am
than a second-term president obama, but that is not necessarily a universal feeling here in israel. jamie, there has been a lot of pundits and a also a lot of political figures here in israel who criticized the prime minister for trying to politicize israel and israel's support within the u.s. elections. jamie. jamie: that is an interesting thing as well. what about iran? are they playing into this at this point? >> reporter: well, certainly the prime minister here has been very success phil, especially using his u.n. speech, to put iran and sanctions center stage. the question for the israelis though, which president is going to take a tougher line with iran? obviously the prime minister here feels as though a president romney would take a much tougher line in the debate. vice president biden spent a lot of time trying to assure everyone that the under an obama administration, iran would not be allowed to get a bomb but privately a number of israelis really question the resolve of the obama administration to take
6:29 am
the steps necessary for iran or possibly a military strike. jamie? jamie: leland vittert, live in jerusalem. leland, thank you so much. bill: now the morning after how are the two campaigns playing this debate today especially after exchanges like this one? >> 7.4 million seniors are projected to lose the current medicare advantage coverage they have, that is $3200 benefit cut. >> that didn't happen. >> these are from your actuaries. >> more people signed upper for medicare advantage after the change. >> mr. vice president -- so you judge, out of line or fair game. we'll talk to both campaigns, live, next. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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[♪...] bill: welcome back now, 82 times, in a 90-minute debate. that is how many times the rnc said vice president joe biden interrupted paul ryan last night. congressman ryan attributing ryan's actions to pressure. >> mr. vice president, mr. vice president i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground. [laughter] but i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> don't talk take all four minutes then? bill: that happened. i want to bring back minneapolis mayor, and russ schieffer, senior advisor to
6:34 am
romney campaign. i want to start with the mayor. thank you for your time. >> good morning. bill: was it durus rest? >> people people argued about romney interrupting too much in their debates. let's call that a draw. go to the real core facts here. joe biden did what joe biden does. he looked in the camera. told people to truth. it was bunch of straight talk. paul ryan talked about hating stimulus program and conceived that he tried to get the money from it. doesn't like security in benghazi but wound up cutting a whole bunch it. got into debate with his running mate who is in debate himself about abortion. when you look at this joe biden clearly won the debate. what is important the american people know they can trust joe biden and --. bill: appreciate that comment but you know what everybody is talking about today? there's -- >> talking about the fact joe biden won. bill: nonverbals and laughter made a lot of folks
6:35 am
uncomfortable at times. would you have liked to see joe biden smile less? >> have you ever seen joe biden? joe biden is one of kind. bill: i have known joe biden for many, many years, sir. >> right. that is the great thing. joe biden exactly who and what he is. a lot of people in politics are freeze-died and, poll tested. that is not joe biden. joe biden is a guy from scranton who has been a single dad. who raised his kids and, has a huge heart and more important --. bill: i understand that was the question was would you have liked to have seen your guy smile less and perhaps control the laughter at moments that some considered was not acceptable? >> well, again i like to see joe biden be joe biden. i also love the fact that joe biden happens to be in command of the facts. joe biden has been to afghanistan, many, many times. paul ryan seems to read off a note card on it. that should scare the heck out of people heard him
6:36 am
commit us to have american troops to do what the afghans should do. paul ryan is person i respect for having detailed, in his mind, budget but he sure hasn't told us anything about it. and he didn't do anything to dispel the pretty clear notion that is is one of most extreme members of congress. talk about what happened in the debate last night. bill: let me ask you a different way if i can. would you have liked to have seen, because i know clearly you stand by joe biden's performance last night that is plain and clear to see. >> that's right. bill: do you want to see president obama be a little more like joe biden? >> president obama and joe biden are partners who are very, very different people. that is one of the good things american people get. they get both of them for what they are. they get a president who has a very different style than joe biden. that is one of the reasons why i think they're good partners. bill: thank you, sir. mr. mayor, good to have you on today. i want to hear from the other side. russ schieffer, senior advisor to the romney team.
6:37 am
welcome back to "america's newsroom." you heard the other side. what do you think of that? >> well i think that the mayor is, i'm sure might have been watching a little bit of a different debate than most people were last night. you know, obviously joe biden's mugging for the camera took a lot away from his performance but the one thing i think, bill, that is most important, and is that the vice president was really factually incorrect when it came to the security issue in benghazi. he said that the administration, he did not know that the administration was asked for more security, and clearly they were, hearings and testimony show they were. either the vice president was uninformed or he wasn't telling us the truth about that i think that is really the key. the vice president on issue that he is supposed to be the most informed about seemed to be the least informed. bill: a few of things i want to get to here, what the mayor said, paul ryan seemed like was reading off note
6:38 am
cards. >> listen, you know, paul ryans, as most people know is one of the most informed, smart, members of congress. he knows the federal budget inside and out. he knows the defense budget inside and out. nobody is going to kind of outsmart paul ryan when it comes to the federal government. bill: all right, now on the moderator a lot of folks on the right are blaming martha raddatz for a biased performance last night. are you? >> no, listen i think, i was taught, bill when you're in the game you don't argue with the ref. bill: you think you won the game then? >> absolutely. absolutely. bill: the rnc is saying that joe biden interrupted 82 times last night. did you keep track of that? >> no. you know what i kept track of? how few number of times that joe biden mentioned barack obama last night. i was just surprised that this was all about joe biden, and it was very little about
6:39 am
barack obama and the administration. what the administration was going to do in the next four years. what their plans were to get america out of recovery. what were their plans to prevent this unraveling of foreign policy that we've seen around the world. listen, the interruptions are one thing. i think when the american people are looking at were, what were, what are the obama-biden plans for the future and i think they came ups, way, way short here. bill: one other question. does this matter beyond today or over the weekend and into monday. this dissolve and everybody looks at the big ticket on tuesday night yet again for round two? >> i think it matters in as much voters were prevented, once again presented with a choice last night. the choice was the obama-biden ticket, which has no plans, no ideas, about what they want to do for the next few years. and governor romney and congressman ryan, who have a very clear, five-point plan
6:40 am
to create 12 million new jobs in this economy. bill: there it is from the other side. russ, thank you. rryback quick reactions this morning thanks for being here. >> thanks, bill. bill: 20 minutes before the hour. jamie what's next? jamie: there is even more reaction from last night's debate. we'll hear from the last person to face off with joe biden four years ago, governor sarah palin. what she thinks about what is talked about. bill: has a lot to stay. the president's team saying the political firestorm over libya is mitt romney. bret baier pushing back on that. did you her this on "special report"? >> what are you suggesting here. are you suggesting we're playing politics with this? bill: the rest of that exchange in a moment. you will hear the answer when we come back.
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who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. bill: former vice-presidential nominee sarah palin knows exactly what it is like to be on the
6:44 am
debate stage with vice president biden. she shared the stage with him back in 2008. so too did 70 million viewers at home. last night on "hannity", seemed like it he with trying to make up for president obama's debate with romney a week ago. >> i believe biden was sent in as the attack dog in this debate to compensate for president obama's atrocious performance where he was aloof arrogant and disconnected what was important to the american voter. that was the representation of obama in his own debate last week. bill: we asked the romney team about this question, about the moderator last night. you heard russ shriefer saying they clearly won and you don't blame anyone. governor pail lip was critical of the martha raddatz her words to allow rough showed over the
6:45 am
conversation. jamie: there was backlash over the president's campaign manager made about the terrorist attack on our consulate in libya. stephanie cutter, the sole reason the attack became a political topic this election at all was because of mitt romney and paul ryan. listen. >> you know, in terms of the politicization of this, you know, we are here at a debate i hope we get to talk about the debate the entire reason that this has become the, you know, political topic it is because of mitt romney and paul ryan. it is a big part of their stump speech. it is reckless and irresponsible. >> stephanie --. jamie: reckless and irresponsible. fox news contributor, mary katharine ham, editor-at-large for margie o'mara. analyst lcc. we got all this in. good to see you ladies. >> good morning. >> good morning. jamie: mary katherine, vice president biden said paul ryan needed to get his facts
6:46 am
straight. but then he presented a scenario that seemed to contradict in every way the hearings and testimony we had regarding what the administration knew about security needs, security requests and also, who was behind the attack. film, not film. what are your thoughts? >> vice president biden talked about in the debate taking responsibility. i think stephanie cutter's comments from the campaign are the ultimate in evading responsibility, suggesting that this is only an issue because romney and ryan are talking about it. it is an issue because the american people have an inherent and natural interest, very keen interest in their national security and in whether americans are safe oversees. four people died. four americans died and people have to answer for it. the administration has been misleading on this from day one. eli lake at "newsweek", who has been all over this story, i suggest you read him, from first day said look, they had, within 24 hours information that this was a terrorist attack. we look at the hearings that biden says we never knew
6:47 am
they wanted more security. eric nordstrom, head of libya security for the u.s. during the summer, i'll quote, all of us at post were in sync we wanted resources. in conversations with deputy assistant secretary of state charlene lamb. said you can not request a security detention. i determined i was told we wouldn't have one would be too much a political cost. we went ahead and requested it anyway. these are problems the american people are keenly interested in for a reason and we should be addressing them while the administration is misleading. >> thank you, mary katherine. now the issue is on the table. stephanie cutter is may have added to it. that is the no time she only mentioned because we because of romney campaign. marjorie, listen to this. >> what are you suggesting here? are you suggesting we're playing politics? >> i'm not suggesting anything you said the entire reason this has become the political topic. >> right. >> four people are dead. >> absolutely. this administration, let me get my sentence out. this administration has
6:48 am
treated this entire tragedy with the utmost seriousness, to get to the bottom of the attacks, hold the perpetrators, accountable and make sure it never happens again. that's why we're being responsible. jamie: margie, it has been a month since the attacks and brutal slaying of four americans and we really don't have answers. in fact the hearings we have going on is, what the administration knew, and didn't respond to. what are your thoughts? >> i can see why conservatives want to talk about obama a, as opposed to ryan's performance last night which undecided voters saw biden as the winner. let's not forget how mitt romney handled the immediate aftermath of these attacks. remember he was already facing criticism during his convention speech for not mentioning troops in afghanistan. just a huge glaring oversight for someone running to be commander-in-chief. then he sent out a scathing press release hours after the attack before anyone hood any information.
6:49 am
jamie: don't, but margie, don't you sense if the american people are wondering at this point administration watching attack unfold in realtime. they went out for a week and said it was due to a film and now we're having hearings on it and we're hearing startling things. one of the people who testified, a security quoting, for me the taliban is on the inside of the building. this is before the attack. do you not think this is relevant issue for the american people? you mentioned national security. >> well, look, fox released a poll yesterday shows the president has six point advantage over mitt romney on foreign policy, four point advantage on mitt romney on handling terrorism. i do think the american people are paying very close attention to this issue. what they're seeing in, clear successes and seriousness from the president and just reflexsive, nonpolicy, sabre rattling bluster from romney and ryan. jamie: got to leave it there.
6:50 am
thanks so much for weighing. ladies good to see you. >> thank you. bill: some of last night's most heated exchanges happening over medicare. >> here's the problem. they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare into a piggybank for obamacare. bill: so is congressman ryan right on that? back in two minutes. victor! iot your campbell's chunky soup. mom? who's mom? i'm the giants mascot. eat up! new jammin jerk chicken soup has tasty pieces of chicken with rice and beans. you know the giants don't have a mascot right mom? [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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6:54 am
that is the real heavyweight stuff, between obama and romney? jamie: tee off for tuesday. and president obama and governor romney will have a chance to go toe-to-toe, just four days from now, tuesday night, all beginning right here, 8:55. bill: tee it up. got a fox news alert right now. we're awaiting colorado police to publicly identify a body found during a search for a missing 10-year-old girl. hikers discovered the body in a park only a few bodies from where jessica ridgeway disappeared a week ago. dan springer is live outside the police department. this is westminster, colorado. what is the latest there, dan? >> reporter: it is grim news whether it is jessica's body or not. came out yesterday that the body was not intact. the only way to make a positive identification through dna testing. that is also why all day yesterday at the place where the body was found wednesday, it was a crime scene. police combed the area looking for more evidence. perhaps body parts. they have already determined that 10-year-old jessica ridgeway was abducted by a
6:55 am
stranger. she was taken they say, exactly one week ago today as she was walking to school. police cleared both parents, inconcluding jessica's mother who was the last person to see her. the fbi is heavily involved in the case. they urged the public to report anyone they know who is exacting suspiciously. >> any kind of unusual behavior between last friday and today. somebody very engaged in the media coverage of this particular investigation and maybe they're a little annoyed by all the coverage. if that behavior is not normal for them, we'd like to know about it. >> reporter: stranger abductions are exceedingly rare. of the 800,000 or so kids who go missing each year, 100 with taken by a perfect stranger or slight acquaintance, bill. bill: how is the community reacting to this so far, dan? >> reporter: you can imagine this story is dominating the headlines here. the principal at jessica's school he sees fewer kids playing outside. this is really having a big
6:56 am
impact in this community. even as people cling to the hope she is still alive, there is a makeshift memorial gone up in a nearby park. people are on edge, parents, coaches educators. counseling is being offered in schools. a crisis center has been open. today we'll see people wearing purple which is jessica's favorite color. again we should find out later today if the body isers had. police expected to have a news conference here at police headquarters to say whether or not dna testing has come back with a positive match of jessica. bill: thank you, dan springer live in colorado. jamie. jamie: harsh criticism of vice president. our own vice president saying he has never in all the years he has been covering them seen a vp, presidential debate, where one debater was as disrespectful as biden was. we'll ask him why he said that. >> thank heavens we had sanctions in place, in spite of their on. >> opposition.
6:57 am
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bill: whole new hour and fox news alert. they came ready for a fight and it showed last night. vice president joe biden, congressman paul ryan. it was feisty at times. called haoefp other out on the key issues. it was flaig out on the tv screen across the country last night. brand-new analysis coming up this hour, chris wallace, karl rove, so welcome back here. i'm bill hemmer. >> ambassador bolton is joining us as well. both men had clear goals. the vice president aimed to stop the political bleeding after the president's lack luster performance in the previous debate. while governor ryan wanted to build on his tickets current momentum.
7:01 am
>> 30% of the american people are takers, these people are my mom and dad, the people i grew up with, my tphaeubsz. neighbors. they pay more tax than most americans. >> 15% of americans are living in poverty today, this is not what a real resof recovery looks like it. >> folks, use your common-sense, a who do you believe, a than man who would raise your taxes, and romney said he would sign it or me and the president. >> that statistic is completely misleading. >> that's what politicians do when they don't have a record to run on. try to scare people not to vote for you. jamie: it's not the new tactic that they are the attack dogs or the campaign for the good
7:02 am
guy-bad give. was the tone of last night's debate i guess predictable? >> it certainly could be. they are the unofficial attack dogs of the campaign they represent. there was a lot of that back and forth, including this exchange on the soon to expire bush tax cuts. >> we say let's have a vote on the middle class and the upper tax vote. they are saying no, they are holding hostage the middle class tax cut to the super wealthy. >> our entire premise of the tax reform plans is to grow economy and create jobs. it's estimated to create 7 million jobs. we think government taking 28% of a family and business' income is enough. >> that exchange was one you could call pe pa light but a
7:03 am
polite but a lot back and forth. jamie: charles krauthammer saying this was excus saying this was just the tee off. how are we set up for tuesday. >> last night there was a lot of talk about libya and benghazi and four americans were killed over there. the next debate between the president and governor romney will be featuring governor romney. this is something the romney campaign likes to talk a lot about. reviews generally believe if this vice president joe biden made a mistake last night it was all he framed the administration's response to attacks on libya. this will be revisited that night. jamie: and even before. bill: each party as you can imagine naming their candidates the winner today. the republicans say ryan
7:04 am
maintained the upper hand and withstood the biden barrage. here is kentucky senator rand paul. >> i think the president loses some points at least skaoeul lisleast style list likely looking like a cheshire cat back there. >> did romney compete. >> we have massive unemployment? what is the administration doing, what they are doing is not working, what are they going to do differently? >> the obama campaign is cheering joe biden per performance saying he laid out a clear vision for our future. >> in terms of style, joe biden is joe biden. he's authentic and real and straightforward and says what he
7:05 am
thinks and what he means and he spoke from a lifetime of experience. and congressman ryan basically spoke that the cue cards he was handed in prep. and i think that showed up. bill: not everyone was impressed with joe biden's style. our own chris wallace has been covering elections and debates for 52 years, he says he's never seen a candidate behave like this before. here is chris wallace from last night. >> i don't believe that i have ever seen a debate in which one participant was as openly disrespectful of the other as biden was to paul ryan tonight. that's what it was. you can talk about the sphurbgs, the smiles, the head shaking, the mugging, it was openly con ten two us and disrespect tiff. >> chris wall as with me now the host of fox news sunday. how are you sir, and good morning to you. >> i'd like to say i haven't been covering presidential debates since 1960, i was 13 in
7:06 am
1960, i did watch the kennedy-nixon debates which says something about what kind of a kid i was. i will standby i said i've watched almost every presidential and vice presidental debate since 1960. we've seen people shake someone else off or strongly disagree, in 2000 we heard al gore's size. this went on for the better part of an hour, the first hour of the debate that biden was openly contemptuous and disrespectful. i think it probably played great with the democratic base that was down after obama's performance last week, i'm not how sure it played with independents that don't like that kind of stuff. >> i think mike huckabee was making that point last hour. the question is why? why was this the way it went.
7:07 am
is it david objection elro david axelrod, he's joe, he says what he wants, he does what he wants. >> we have david axelrod on sunday, i'm going to ask him that question. was this a plan for him to do this and something he did in the prep sessions and they all start it was great or he started on his own during the actual debate. again, on substance i thought it was a very close call and i can absolutely understand how either side could think on substance their guy one. i thought that ryan had the edge taxes. i thought that biden had the edge just in terms of the debate when it came to entitlements and afghanistan. but the substance was overwhelmed i think or certainly distrablgted b distracted by the style and the over-the-top performance by joe biden, and i don't know why, because i don't think he needed to go nearly that far. bill: we've seen two debates right now and everyone is racked
7:08 am
in the body language. it is so telling about what vires at home are looking for, it's the words coming out of your mouth it's how you treat the other guy. the next debate a will be on libya. the intelligent was changing suggesting that the intel community were responsible for this or folks at the state department talked to them about that. he said point belong they did not ask for more security. we have people on record suggesting that is absolutely false. was this ignorance or some sort of cover up that some would argue continues from the high level of the administration? >> on the intelligence i shall eye that's kind of a close call. state department said they never said it was a spontaneous protest. but james clapper put out a statement which said, our
7:09 am
initial assessment which we told the executive branch was, was a spontaneous protest. i think biden has cover there. he said we didn't know there was a security issue there and there were requests. i may be that biden didn't know, i mean that is i suppose possible, but there is no question about the fact that the state department knew, that they were repeatedly requested by the security people on the ground that there be more security and help in libya and that they rejected it so much so that in that congressional hearing on tuesday the regional director of security said i was so frustrated i felt my biggest problem was the state department and i felt like the taliban was inside the building, inside the state department. so the state department knew, whether joe biden knew or not that its on him. bill: tuesday night is a combination of domestic and for earn policy. this will come up again and the president will have to respond to it. we'll see how governor romney
7:10 am
goes off it. i look forward to seeing you on sunday. but today, chris, happy birthday. >> thank you for that. if i could have one president i want a national victory tonight so we go on to the national series. bill: i feel that, my reds got bumped out see you sunday with david axelrod from the obama campaign and dave gillespie from the romney team, fox news sunday. jamie: happy birthday chris. we are just getting start heed. one ostarted. one of the most heated exchanges was over medicare and the assertion that the obama campaign is reading it to pay for obamacare. bill: >> barack obama four years ago running for president said if you don't have any fresh ideas use stale tactics to scare votes. what about that strategy.
7:11 am
is that working or not. karl rove talks to us, he's on deck. jamie: biden and ryan clashing over how to stop iran's nuclear weapons. ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations weighs in. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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jamie: medicare was one of the most hard-fought issues in the debate last night sparking fiery exchanges between vice president biden and challenger paul ryan both men saying they want to make sure that medicare and social security remain around for newt generations. they did clash on how that could be accomplished. >> with regard to social security, we will not, we will not privatize it. if we had listened to rom
7:15 am
tphaoerbgs governor romney and the congressman during the bush years imagine where all those seniors would be now if their money had been in the market. their ideas are old and their ideas are bad and they eliminate the guarantee of medicare. >> here is the problem. they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare into a piggy bank for obamacare. their own actuary from the add minimum straeugts came to congress and said one out of six hospitals and nursing homes are going to go out a business as a result of this. jamie: georgia congressman and also orthopedic surgeon tom price joining us now. thank you nor being with us. >> thank you. jamie: there was a lot of talk about this and how you would pay for it. and it was brought up by paul ryan that millions of seniors would use medicare advantage even under the existing plan this administration has. could they pay for fo for
7:16 am
obamacare without raiding medicare under the obama plan. >> absolutely not. i thought we saw a complete tras in style and substance. the vice president's style was bluster, and i don't think we need that in a leader. ryan's style was solutions. what the president has done is taken $716 billion from estimate, not our estimate, that's the congressional budget office to pay for obama care, the exchangs of their program. that ruins medicare for so many seniors and puts in place there 15-member independent payment advisory board to make certain that they quote, save that money. jamie: paul ryan points out and this is interesting because you are a surgeon we'll have nobody potentially on that committee that has a medical background. >> that's exactly right. jaime as you know by law a majority of them cannot have
7:17 am
practiced medicine or not have served patients. this is just astounding, as opposed to the positive solution that we put forward which is to make it so that those in and nyiri taoeurplt don't see any changes to at current medicare program, have expand epd choices and those under the age of 55 have a greater opportunity for choices and a more responsive healthcare program and we can still do that as congressman ryan said last night white house harming our current seniors. we believe we can grandfather the grandfathers, so there are positive solutions. jamie: one of whom, congressman forgive me for interrupting is paul ryan's mom who says benefits from the program, his grandmother also and he would never eliminate the program. but the $716 billion number joe biden says that's actually what we'll be saving. ama and aarp endorsed their plan. do you think that will be con futuressing to seniors? who really has it right? >> it is confusing, you're shr-rt lee right.
7:18 am
but the a arblgs rp after last week's debate with the president says don't use our name on this because we don't niece lee believe what the president and vice president are saying. you can't take $716 billion out of a program and expect that the same services are going to be there. we believe that that $716 billion ought to remain in the medicare program so that we can provide the appropriate services and care for our current seniors. but the demographics of our society, the aging of the population makes it so that the system has to change. we believe we can save and strengthen it and secure it for younger generations. the president and vice president make it so that the medicare that you -p an and i know right now won't be available not just for current seniors but for future generations. jamie: we are already seeing nursing homes and other hopbs close. st. vincent hospital closed, boarded, it's becoming condos.
7:19 am
can you think and can you guarantee based on what you've seen on the romney plan that they'll be able to save some of those hospitals so that seniors and all of us will be able to get the healthcare we need? and where are they going to pay for it? >> absolutely. it can be done. we have to get back to the principles of healthcare. affordability, accessibility, quality and choices. authors the principles we hold dear in melt care, those are the principles that are destroyed by the president's healthcare plan. those are the principles that we, governor romney and paul ryan are going to push forward. you can save the healthcare system and make it the highest quality it's ever been dew you can't do it by robbing medicare for it. thank congressman price, thank you very much. bill: on the economy, are more american companies about to make employees part time, and that because of obamacare? we'll have a closer look at that
7:20 am
and examine it. jamie: bind and ryan clashed over iran and libya. ambassador john bolton on his take away from that exchange last night. listen. >> it took the president two weeks to acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack. he went to the u.n. and in his spao*efp at the u.n. six times he talked about the youtube video. look, if we're hit by terrorists we are going to call it for what it is, a terrorist attack. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
7:21 am
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lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ hour. the cdc confirming the deadly meningitis outbreak is growing. 14 people have died and more than 170 have got even sick in eleven states. nasa's mars rover finding something earth-like on the red
7:24 am
plant a rock. it may have contained water at some point. by a burger, get an ipad? a mcdonald in virginia letting customers use complementary ipads when they chow down. bill: that's an app. jamie: i like it. bill: back to politics and businesses across the country. there is a lot riding on the outcome of this race between president obama and governor romney. some employers are warning of reduced employee hours or possible layoffs. there is a veo in florida who has taken a bold step with his employees. what did he do? mike emanuel live. >> the krerbgs o in west gate resorts says he was doing a billion dollars in sales with 14,000 employees cut down his staff too 7,000 people. in an email david siegel told his workforce that layoffs would be likely if president obama is reelected. i asked siegel what he's heard
7:25 am
from his employees. >> i would say the majority of them have supported me in this. i've got eve got got ten go gotten nothing but rave reviews from employees, i've got hundreds of emails, it's been very positive. >> he said he felt an obligation to keep them informed but he said he was not trying to intimidate his employees. bill: this is a fascinating story on this. there is a large restaurant group considering a major move and warning that changes might be coming for thousands of its employees. what is happening there, mike? >> well, bill, darden restaurants is putting more of its employees on part-time stut costs related to the president's healthcare law. he owns red lobster and others. no decision has been made about
7:26 am
expanding it. they have about 180,000 employees working at more than 2,000 restaurants. part-time status would mean working less than 30 hours per week. there might be a way around finest for companies that don't want to offer healthcare for their employees. i've been in contact with the obama campaign on both issues. we'll bring you their statement when we get it. bill: we'll bring you back when we get it. mike emanuel in washington. jamie: congressman ryan were saying the obama campaign is trying to scare americans from voting for governor romney. fair point? karl rove joins us with his thoughts after the break. >> i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. [laughter] >> but i always say what i mean. and so does romney. >> we want everybody --
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
bill: 10:30 here in new york if you're joining us on friday morning. the coverage continues. the fallout from last night. paul ryan firing back at joe biden after the vice president repeatedly hit him over governor romney's policy proposals. >> barack obama four years ago running for president said if you don't have any fresh ideas use stale tactics to scare voters. if you don't have a good record to run on paint your opponent as someone who people should run from. bill: karl rove, deputy chief of
7:31 am
staff for george bush. runs america crossroads, a fox news contributor. i have a lot to go over with you now. you've had 12 hours to think about. first on paul ryan how did he do? >> he did great, he set out to portray himself as an earnest, thoughtful sensible man from the midwest, young man from the midwest who was mart of a team that had a plan to get america growing today and confront the big challenges we had and he showed it e. came across as who he is, a thoughtful, decent human being who has given a lot of thought to these big issues. >> cnn gave the nod to paul ryan in their poll they did last night. cbs gave the nod to joe biden. >> biden did well two. ryan was after the independent, undecided voter. biden was after the democrats that were unenthusiastic about people who were not impressed
7:32 am
with the obama debate, the true believers, joe took a couple of five-hour energy tkreupblgt drinks beforehand. maybe he over did it a little bit. came out there, he has white treat that he likes to grimace and show and grin as much as possible. he did what he needed to do which is to stay to democrats, obama had a terrible performs are form answer in the first debate and i made up for it in the second. bill: this is joe biden and paul ryan talking about -- ryan reached the point of frustration with the grimacing and interruptions and the smiling and this is what happened. >> this is a man who gave 30% of his income to char ao a tee, more than the two of us combined. romney ace good man. he cares about 100% of americans in this country. and with respect to that kwoerbgts i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way.
7:33 am
[laughter] >> but i always say what i mean. and so does romney. bill: he also made the comment that the vice president was under duress. now everybody is trying to figure out why the aggressive posture. was it a poor performance last week from the president, was it a slide in the polls? >> yeah, both. i mean that's exactly why vice president biden came out shooting. i thought it was a revealing response. i mean i would have laughed and left ryan's alone but biden couldn't help himself. he says i always say what i mean. they are going to put you y'all back in chains in virginia. the mulled class has been buried the last four years. did he really say, i always say what i mean? it was like validating his propensity for gaffes new were tweeting a lot last night. you said at one point.
7:34 am
biden means what he says, he'd like to put y'all back in chains. you said he did an immigration of al gore from the year 2000. snickers, grim masses and exaggerated gestures. that is the focus of so much analysis on this debate last night. does it only matter today, over the weekend or beyond in a. >> beyond that. remember, look we remember in the very first debate series in 1960 the great analogy was if you listened to it on the radio you thought richard nixon won. if you watched it you new john kennedy had one. nixon looked pale, he was swegt, h sweating, nervous. personal impressions, physical impressions matter. throwing yr harms up and grinning wildly, while somebody is talking about nuclear weapons laughing your posterior after these things remain in people's minds i. walked the 2000 debate
7:35 am
from the back room with the staff in the bush campaign and the feed did not have al gore's gestures and sighs and huffing and puffing we didn't get that feed, the american people did and their reaction to it was considerably different than others. bill: the big sense here is we're trying to figure out what to does this the middle, to independent voters. did it move them at all last night do you think? or do you have any evidence to suggest one way or the other. >> vice presidental debates don't tend to move the polls. they tend to add to the narrative of the presidential campaign. what biden did was he added to the narrative of the presidential campaign inadvertently by saying, look, i did a better job than my boss did but i've at least got us back in the game by being energetic. what ryan did was add to the narrative of the romney-ryan team as two men who have a common-sense practical set of solutions to confront the big problems that the country faces, that the reasonable, moderate thoughtful people who are strongly pr*eupb principled
7:36 am
conservatives of a moderate demeanor who are able to work across party lines. ryan's was to influence independent and swing voters. bill: there are a lot of comments from the right i was watching in the twitterverse last night and kreut advertise eupl of martha radice. i asked one of his leading advisers, he kicked that to the side. he said listen we've won and we are not here to criticize anyone because of that. i thought that was probably a smart answer. ed rollins this was like being trapped in a bar next to a no it all drunk. doug schoen said biden was passionate, substantive, paul ryan was competent at best and no more. that's how the left sees it. >> i respectfully disagree with doug who is an astute person but
7:37 am
more to the center than left. if you were trying to figure out who paul ryan was you came away with a very good impress. if you're looking at joe biden and trying to get substance, really it's intelligence community's fault? at one point he tried to suggest that it was paul ryan's fault that there was not adequate security in benghazi. my personal favorite last night was he said, he said, you no, the war in afghanistan and iraq, i voted against them. i stood up and said, you know, we can't afford it. well, wait a minute you voted for the authorization of the use of force resolution to go into afghanistan in 2001 and you voted for the iraq war resolution. a whole series of questions were passed over by the media generally. talking points assert things that were not true and occasionally stumble into land miness that you yourself have planted. bill: come become to libya. ed gillespie was on msnbs, there
7:38 am
was a specifically question regarding answer with libya, perhaps the state department and the vice president stated that we did not know that the request was in for more security in libya. the question was this, is that ignorance or part of some sort of cover up? ed gillespie says that's what people need to ask today because both of those statements cannot be true. where is this issue now in the national bloodstream today? >> well, if there was one substantive issue that came out of last night that is going to remain and linger, it is exactly that, libya. what did the administration know and what did they know it and it fits into a broader context, which is the handling of this. remember the president of you united states receives news on the night of september 11th in washington d.c. that our ambassador has been killed at the consulate in benghazi and he cancels his daily briefing with the intelligence community in
7:39 am
order to go to the state department, console the foreign service, and rather than returning to the white house and meeting with the intelligence chief he gets on an airplane and fly to las vegas in order to attend a fund-raiser and campaign event. flies again to have a campaign event again. and returns to washington d.c. late in the afternoon, 6:15 on the night of september 13th in order to go to the hispanic congressional caucus dinner. this is a grave mishandling. the president of the united states -- bill: it will come up tuesday night. >> absolutely. it will come up in the final debate for certain because it's foreign policy oriented. but last night -- substantively this was the centerpiece of the debate. there were also questions about medicare and taxes but this was substantively the center of the debate, it will linger just as the appearance center point was joe biden's grimacing, grinning
7:40 am
and yucking it up. bill: there you have it, karl rove this morning. 12 hours later. see you real soon. appreciate the analysis. >> you bet, bill. thank you. jamie: congratulations are coming into the european union the collection of 27 nations awarded the nobel peace prize, getting peace, democracy and rights records over the last six decades. some think it's controversial because of things we have seen unfold in greece. it led to violent protests over the past several months. bill: the eu gets a nod. how do you figure that one out? best i can tell, there is a lot of potential for things to go very wrong on that continent depending on which way this economy goes. jamie: we have to find out who the competition was. bill: it's far from settled right now on that continent. the candidates disagreeing on
7:41 am
response to iran. why is paul ryan saying that american foreign policy is failing and you can see it on your tv play out every day. john bolton is next on this. >> the eye a toll a sees his economy being crippled. the ayatollah sees that there are 50% fewer exports of oil. he sees his currency going into the tank, he sees the economy going into free fall. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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7:45 am
jamie: congressman paul ryan says the obama administration is failing at handling the growing nuclear threat in iran and filling to recognize how close to rogue regime is at building a weapon. >> this administration has no credibility on this issue. it's because this administration watered down sanctions, delayed sanctions, tried to stop us from putting the tough sanctions into place. now we have them in place because of congress. they say the military option is on the table but it's not being viewed as credible and the key to do this peacefully is to make sure we have credibility. jamie: john bolton former u.n. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor. ambassador bolton, welcome. >> glad to be here. jamie: jamie: all options on the table it would seem. the question is, if we've lost credibility with the rest of world would we take the risk and
7:46 am
take any action not knowing whether or not we'd have the support of other countries in. >> i don't actually think it much matters if we had the support of other countries if a decision were made to use military force against iran's nuclear weapons program. the problem is, nobody believes that the obama administration will do it, not today, not tomorrow, not any time in a second term, if unfortunately he were to win. the israeliss don't believe it even worse the iranians don't believe it and the proof of that is that they are not racing to build one or two or a hand-full of nuclear weapons. they are steadily and deliberately building a broad and deep nuclear weapons program because they don't fear american military action. and i think that's the point that congressman ryan was making about the absence of the obama administration's credibility. and it's a problem that we have right now, and we will have in spades if the president is reelected. jamie: here is the question that i was left with after watching this decision between the two of
7:47 am
them last night. vice president biden insists that iran doesn't have the weaponry. they can build the material, they can have the centrifuges spinning but they won't be able to build it. true or false? >> that's ridiculous. that wasn't true five or six years ago. the long pole in the tent for any nuclear weapons program is the uranium enrichment capacity and iran has more than a sufficiency of that. they've been testing weapons for years, the intelligence on that which has made public is very clear. it would only take iran a couple of months at the outside to enrich uranium to weapons grade and another couple of months to weaponize and test it. that's point one. point two, there is much we don't know about iran's nuclear weapons program. our intelligence on iran is far less certain than vice president
7:48 am
biden was arguing last night. we don't know, for example, how much cooperation on the nuclear side there's been between iran and north korea. we do know north korea was building a reactor in syria for goodness sakes until the israelis destroyed it. there is much about iran's program we don't know, and that should not give us any sense of confidence. jamie: there are russia and china too that could make us uneasy as well. paul ryan argues even though there were four sets of sanctions this administration's attitude and attention being paid to iran are watering those down. is that true? >> well, sadly the failure on sanctions goes back to the bush administration as well. there is a theoretical case that you can make that sanctions could have stopped the nuclear weapons program ten years a but that would require massive comprehensive sanctions, quickly applied and vigorously enforced. that has not been the course with any of the sanctions,
7:49 am
regimes, iran has found ways too mit gays the consequences of the sanctions and evade the sanctions and that's what they are doing with the latest round of sanctions. they've got massive foreign currency reserves to buy them time to find ways around the sanctions, and i think they are busy doing just that. as you say they have russia, china turkey, venezuela and others that are helping them evade the sanctions and that is a significant fact. jamie: let me squeeze one more in, your thoughts, quickly if i could, ambassador, joe biden referred to bb, bb, bb, my friend, we go back. what do you think about the reaction to not having that meeting. did that impact our pwaeult t our ability to support one of our political allies. >> it was a bad mistake by president obama and it sent a signal to others as to just how isolated israel is from the obama administration and what that would mean for israel's security if there were a second obama term.
7:50 am
jamie: ambassador bolton we will see you sunday. thank you so much. >> thank you, jaime. bill: all these issues are relevant, because in the next debate it's half domestic and half foreign policy. the last debate in boca raton, florida it's all foreign policy. one final journey for a space icon. we go along nor space shuttle endeavour's final ride. 0t[h7
7:51 am
7:52 am
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bill: cool story here, one last journey for a space icon. space shuttle endeavour making her new home at the california science center in los angeles. she is taking her sweet little time. adam housley is live in l.a. how long is this? >> reporter: yeah, bill, some people might call this two-day 12-mile trip a long trip for the
7:54 am
shuttle. you might as well call it friday traffic for most people here in los angeles. 12 miles it will take for two days. we have a live look from above to give you a look that the shuttle. it's sitting next to a quiznos shop. people walking here from all over to take a look at this thing. we had a chance to talk with mark kelly who he once commanded this shuttle. here is what he had to say. >> when they took enter surprise, which isn't exactly a real space shuttle. 4w when they took enterprise to new york it went on a barge. but here they have really the challenge and that is getting it through the streets of l.a. >> reporter: back here live you get one more look at it as it sits here in the parking lot. 123million miles it traveled in space, bill they are calling it mission 26, the last couple of miles, as i mentioned 12 miles total over two days before it
7:55 am
gets to the california science center. bill. bill: she's a beauty. this thing looks great in hd by the way. >> reporter: it's quite interesting how they are doing this. this whole issue really takes a while for this thing to move, partly because it's so heavy. we are talking about 170,000-pound it's taking 160-wheel carrier to move it down the street. they had to find a route that it could fit under because it's so big. it's costing $10 million all told, and it has a 78 wingspan. 50 feet is the height at the tip. they had to cut down like 400 trees to do this. we had a chance to walk with one of the workers involved about all the different details involved in this move and he said it went all the way down to the metal on the streets. >> we've depleted the supply from phoenix, loss vegas and all throughout southern california, as the shuttle passes over the plates we'll be leapfrogging them ahead to a future area. >> a nine-hour layover in the parking lot.
7:56 am
it will begin moving again at 2pm. it will head right down la tierra. i can't wait for friday traffic when people are driving on the 405 and they see a shuttle driving over the 405 freeway. we know los angeles they can probably takeout a camera and take a picture because it's traveling so slowly. bill: call that a slow speed chase. thank you. jamie: the spirited showdown between vice president biden and congressman ryan is in the books now. we have reaction from both campaigns.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
bill: i always find it fascinating when you watch the these debates to see the two men shake each other's hand at the end and see family members come on stage. this is the scene last night in danville, kentucky, where both families mixing with each other. it was very, very can scene after the


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